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Welcome to the High Motors Show

Loizaga Tower is considered to be an international icon when it comes to classic cars. It has an exceptional collection with a total of 45 Rolls-Royce models, in addition to 30 other models from prestigious brands. This exceptional setting has traditionally been an essential meeting point for car clubs and enthusiasts.

Following the success of the 2016 edition, the Loizaga Tower Museum is set to host the second edition of High Motors on 29 and 30 September and 1 October 2017.

The first edition of the High Motors show offered a new format for promoting luxury products based around the world of motoring, establishing itself as an innovative event aimed at high-end brands, establishments and consumers.

It is an interactive show which enables visitors to participate in various activities. Among others, the activities on offer at this next edition include test drives, talks and conferences, wine tasting with pairings, masterclasses, food tastings, casino, catering and art: the aim is to offer a weekend full of experiences.

One of the highlights of the High Motors show is the Elegance Contest sponsored by the auctioneer Bonhams , the first contest of its kind to be held in Spain. Contestants will participate in five categories: pre-war which is divided into the Elegance & Touring and Sports categories; post-war which is divided into the Touring and Sports categories and, finally, the Post 1990 Sports and High Performance category.

All visitors will be able to enjoy the food and leisure options in the facilities located in the Loizaga Tower, not to mention the art, fashion, travel, music….